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Surrey Real Estate 2019 Interior Design Trends

From which materials and finishes feel fresh to a surprising design style comeback we never saw coming, we have put together a collection of enviable 2019 interior design trends to consider and give a go.

Curved Lines in Your Furniture


Julep sofa and armchair by Jonas Wagell

Popular in the 60’s and ridiculed from then on, curved soft furnishings made quite an impact at recent design shows as rigid lines have had several decades in the spotlight and feel a tad routine and expected.

We have seen curved lines take hold on tabletops and even rugs as of late, but their return to sofas and seating make it one of the most intriguing and even covetable 2019 interior design trends to consider bringing into your home – even if it’s in the form of a simple side chair or utility bench.

The Return of Terrazzo

With the enduring popularity of mid-century modern design showing no signs of slowing down, it comes as no surprise that Terrazzo surfaces and decorative extras made a big impact on design forecasts looking at 2019 interior design trends.

A composite material consisting of chips of marble, quartz, granite, and glass to evoke a playful, confetti-like abstracted spirit, we’ve seen plenty of genius ways to bring the material into your home with Terrazzo covering everything from flooring to lamps to even shower curtains (in print, that is).

The Color of 2019


Since we couldn’t share the top 2019 interior design trends without taking in the color of the year…

Coined Nightwatch green, this moodier alternative to hunter and bottle green makes for a nice alternative to today’s on-trend matte black and looks great with high-shine finishes and elements. But if a full room is too much, do consider small yet impactful ways to bring the color in, say a vibrant textile, or a deep green rug set against a luminous marble floor.

Convertible Urban Dwellings

From modern iterations on Murphy beds to movable walls and multi-purpose built-in’s, convertible dwellings are one of the most sensible and intriguing 2019 interior design trends to get our attention.

After all, who wouldn’t want a home brimming with genius, conversation-starting design that makes the best of even the smallest space with practicality, great design, and ease?

Multifunctional & Compact

As more and more people gravitate towards urban city dwelling, it makes sense for designers to finally catch on to the need for smart, multi-purpose furnishings that are petite in scale.

Say hello to furnishings that can adapt to different spaces and needs and fit into challenging rooms that aren’t short on style – making this a welcome trend and one of the most popular 2019 interior design trends to make a splash.

Is Boho Back? We Think So

Okay, so boho style really never completely faded away, but its impact on the design world last had its moment about a decade ago and for good reason. That rich, offset layered look just couldn’t keep up with the times decidedly subdued take on expressive design nor did its laid-back approach feel fresh anymore.

And as you can imagine, we were floored when we continued to find it coming back on every list and in every showroom highlighting 2019 interior design trends. For starters, it feels unexpected, is sure to set your home apart, and best of all is quite easy to bring into your home to add a sense of whimsical character that’s been absent for so long in the design scene.

Ceilings That Make a Statement


Every year there’s quite a rush of excitement when Pantone announces it’s color of the year and new shades are released to the public, but in all honesty, those new paint shades offer very little change in tone and inspiration as we’ve all seen enough accent walls and clever takes on wallpaper installations to bore us to no end.

But ceilings? Now that’s fresh! In fact, the last time we can note ceilings making such a buzz as they are with 2019 interior design trends harkens way back to the ornate molded tin ceilings of the roaring 20’s.

From expressively painted to lacquered, to wallpapered and molding covered ceilings, there’s much to be said about the enticing visual impact thinking about what we often dismiss has to offer. A reimagined ceiling can make a room appear larger, brighter and best of all, more memorable than any common accent wall could.

Tribal & Geometric Patterns

While geometric patterns almost never go out of style thanks to their symmetrical harmony, ethnic and tribal-inspired prints seem to come and go about every 10-15 years or so as times and tastes change.

But what makes them feel so right when considering 2019 interior design trends is the warmth, familiarity, and offset pattern they can easily introduce to even the most minimal of rooms. And though warm minimalism has had its moment for quite some time now, there’s something to be said about bringing more life into a room as a direct reaction to the today’s somewhat strict, limiting, and straightforward approach to interior design.

That said, if a full-on heavy-handed ethnic inspired look like above is not for you, think about small ways to bring in the moment with fresh linens, go-to decorative pillows and throws, and miniature framed prints that you can easily switch out once the design scene moves on.

Finishes & Materials


Every year we see remarkable progress with uses of materials and how they are produced, but leave it to renowned designer Patricia Urquiola to create a collection of tables utilizing tempered, light as a feather glass with irregular veins echoing those found in marble.

Her mesmerizing series of oval-shaped tables laid on asymmetrical legs are dynamic and enchanting with the glass top’s vein pattern appearing to be fluid with a shift of viewpoints creating a sensual and dynamic option that tops our list of 2019 interior design trends that go beyond the expected.


With the environment suffering major crisis after major crisis, we’re always happy to see new takes on production and décor that are easy on the eye while leaving little to no impact on the planet and its resources.

From leftover materials like marble being recomposed in smart ways to energy-saving appliances, to live plant walls, whatever you bring into your home from now on (if you haven’t been doing so already) needs to follow suit and take less and give back to the planet as much as it can.

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