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Houses for sale in Surrey can be difficult to maneuver. Many people, particularly first-time homebuyers, often make costly mistakes when buying a real estate property. Rushing to close the deal just to relocate is a big mistake because you could find yourself in an area that’s not suitable for you and your lifestyle.

Some new home sellers and buyers even neglect to have their property’s value and state independently evaluated, and this is a step that could set you back a couple of thousand dollars.

In this post, our expert real estate agents in British Columbia are going to count down the top mistakes to avoid when you find a house for sale in Surrey.

#3: Working With Inexpensive Real Estate Agents In British Columbia

The buyer’s journey can be confusing, especially if you’ve never bought a house for sale in Surrey. Without an experienced real estate agent to help you, you’ll overlook things such as making the correct offer, negotiating a viable deal, drafting the right paperwork, assessing different neighbourhoods and closing the deal.

#2 Buying Prior To Getting Pre-approved For A Mortgage

When a first-time buyer sees a “house for sale” in Surrey, they often leap at the next available open house “just to see what’s on the market.” While this is a good idea, there are risks in loving a home without a set budget. A real estate agent in British Columbia will always advise that you get a pre-approval mortgage at a local bank, mortgage broker, or lender to see the exact amount you can expect when making an offer.

#1: Making Major Changes When Getting A Mortgage

As soon as you’ve applied for your mortgage application, make sure you avoid making life-changing decisions like changing jobs, making large purchases on credit or taking out a new loan. These can change your financial standpoint, and impact your ability to qualify for a mortgage or alter the amount you had originally wanted. Speak to a real estate agent in British Columbia about the period you can wait after crossing the ‘t’s and dotting the ‘i’s.

Buyers make other mistakes when buying a house, such as not saving enough for down payments, forgetting extra costs, shopping for too many houses or too little, and not having everything in writing. Having a real estate agent in British Columbia is one of the best things you can do to avoid all these mistakes and more.

At Katronis Real Estate Team, we pride ourselves in helping our clients make informed decisions to get the best deal on their investment. Speak to us when you buy a home in surrey for sale, Canada, today!


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