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Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your Home: Advice From The Best Realtors in Surrey

At Katronis Real Estate, we are looked to as some of the very best realtor in Surrey. We have helped thousands of people sell their homes, and we are very familiar with common issues involved in the selling process.

Don’t Get Overly Emotional 

Yes, selling a home can be an emotional process, especially if it has been in your family for many years. But getting overly emotional can cloud your judgement when it comes to making important decisions with regards to the sale of your home. It’s time to think of yourself as a business person and no longer a homeowner.

Not Hiring A Real Estate Agent 

While agents may take a commission, they are professionals at what they do and ensure that everything is processed correctly. They will be able to give you an accurate selling price on your home and guide you through the entire process. All in all, the real estate agents at Katronis Real Estate Team, the number one team in Cloverdale, had to sell thousands of homes to gain their hard-earned knowledge experience to be where they are today, so it’s wise to trust their advice and their process. What they do simply works.

Expecting An Unrealistic Price For Your Home 

When it comes to selling a home, it’s best to set your expectations and price, and then be pleasantly surprised if you get more than you bargained for. Some homeowners have unrealistic expectations when it comes to selling their home. Many factors come into play that help determine the selling price of a home, such as the condition of your home, the area, and the current market. Our marketing strategies have sold homes for higher prices than what the owners thought they could get.

Hiding Major Issues 

If your home has any issues, it’s best to be upfront and honest about them. Your house will undergo a thorough inspection where all issues will be revealed. You may run into some major problems if it can be proven that you were trying to hide any problematic features of your home. A pre-inspection is a great idea. This will let you know of any issues your home may have BEFORE you list it. It’s better to pay $1000 to fix something before it goes up for sale, than have the buyer renegotiate after their own home inspection, and they ask for a reduction of $5000.

Not Being Accommodating With Buyers 

If you’re still living in your home while it’s up for sale, you’ll need to be accommodating when it comes to buyers wanting to view. You’ll also need to keep your home neat and tidy to give potential buyers a great first impression. 

Ready to start working with the best realtors in Surrey? We’ll make selling your home a wonderful experience! Get in touch with the team at Katronis Real Estate today!

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