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Curtis Zaklan

Licensed Realtor

Curtis will tell you that he looks forward to getting up each morning and going to work as a Realtor®. Born and raised in Surrey, Curtis grew up in the Panorama area. He enjoyed the freedom of being able to tinker on cars and doing woodwork in his father’s workshop. He disliked his dad waking him early every weekend to help out at the family farm, but today he’s grateful. All the different type of work that he was exposed to is the reason why Curtis is a handyman, in his own right, and has a good work ethic.

Curtis is experienced in selling detached homes and condos, but his specialty is townhomes. Choosing to live and sell in Clayton, Curtis believes it’s important to be out in the community. He likes to hand out Katronis flyers door-to-door in his neighbourhood and truly appreciates talking with new people.

Curtis will go the extra mile for his clients and takes great pride in being part of the Katronis Team for the collective experience it provides, and for the mentoring he’s received along the way. The most satisfying part of being a Realtor® for Curtis is educating a client through the entire process of buying or selling a home.

Questions & Answers

1. What is your favourite thing about being a Realtor®?

This is the perfect profession for me because I enjoy the art of conversation and company, as well helping people through the process of selling and buying a home. Educating my clients’ on the process and getting them through the steps and any obstacles gives me so much satisfaction.

2. What’s the most challenging thing you’ve ever done?

Keeping myself out of my comfort zone. That is how you learn.

3. What business/career achievement are you most proud of?

I am so proud to have been chosen by the Katronis Team and being a part of why our team is ranked #1 in Canada for our brokerage, HomeLife Benchmark Realty.

4. What is your favourite place to spend time in your home?

I love to be in my kitchen by the island for this is where my friends gather when I invite them over. I enjoy cooking and entertaining.

5. Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

Both of my parents have shaped who I am today. My father always pushed me and he is the reason why I am successful as an adult. He is a handyman – so he would haul me off to our family farm early in the morning. I hated it but he exposed me to so many things, and as a result, I can fix and make things many people my age cannot.
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