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Selling your home after Divorce

There’s no question that selling a home can be a tiresome and stressful feat. Adding a divorce on top of that will certainly add further tension towards all parties involved. This challenging time can be greatly diminished by adhering to a few tips that will make the process of selling your home much more manageable.

1. Agreeing On A Price

The initial step that needs to be taken is to sit down with your previous partner and agree on a price that you both feel is of fair value. Determining the figure of the home is crucial regardless of it being sold privately or at an auction. If it seems like an unimaginable task to agree between the parties, a judge can be brought into the picture to enforce a set order on a home so it may be sold.

2. Preparing It Properly For A Sale

A large mistake that divorced homeowners make is not properly preparing their home for sale. Properly preparing the home for an upcoming sale is vital as it means it can quickly move along the selling process. A few preparations to accomplish before selling would include; decluttering the home, updates on the home, a fresh paint job etc.

3. Thinking Of It As A Business Transaction

It is important to not let your emotions cloud your judgement on what your main goal is. Both parties are here to sell the home for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time. Selling your home at its core is a business decision. The homes value is not determined by emotional ties to the home but by the marketplace. Don’t let emotions get the best of you so you can assure you are making the best decisions on how to sell your home. Always remember, this is a business transaction, not an emotional one.

4. Picking A Divorce Realtor

It cannot be stressed enough the importance of picking the right realtor to sell your home. The realtor you want to be working with should have previous experience selling homes in regards to divorces as well as having strong communication skills. The chances of both parties not getting along anymore is high, so working alongside a realtor who understands the tough dynamics of divorce and the emotional baggage that comes along with it can alleviate a tremendous amount of stress and discomfort.

5. Positive Home Appeal

The overall aesthetic and appeal to a home is crucial for potential buyers. When hosting an open house many agents bake fresh cookies and add other little home touches so the viewers not only feel at ease but they can envision creating a life in that home. Walking into a home where there are clues that there’s a divorce pending can be detrimental for a potential sale. If half of the furniture is gone, no pictures on the walls and a half empty closet only containing women’s clothing, that will certainly draw the wrong attention to buyers. You want to give off the impression of a positive atmosphere where the buyers are excited to step into the environment.


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